Friday, August 13, 2010

Squad of GZG alien mercs

Hello, here is my first finished test squad of GZG's alien mercs. Consisting of 10 figures ( only 76 left to go !). These are the first
minis I have painted from GZG, and I am overwhelmed by their quality; barely any noticeable mold lines; full of character and detail. My only complaint would be that I wish they did not have goggles but bare faces- and that is only because I cant seem to paint goggles well.
I can think of a hundred uses for these guys, and wish they would crank out some more ,but I guess two packs is enough to give good variety. As I cant stand any of the GW fluff, I fought the tendency to make them 40k orks. My first thought was Mangalores from the Fifth Element, and that is how I envision my mercs, although in miniature terms a mangalore might end up looking like a khaki and olive drab blob. Hope you like them, still trying to harness the power of the camera and blogmachine. I am also quite excited to get the chance to peruse the beta of Gruntz, rules for 15mm scifi. I feel like I will start on some vehicles soon.
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