Sunday, June 24, 2012

various new models for Strange Aeons

Hello, back with a few new models for 15mm Strange Aeons, all by Khurasan.
first pic has two octopod/hybrids
second pic has 3 fishmen/ hybrids
third pic has 3 robed cultists
and the fourth pic has a werewolf and a rather well dressed agent with sawed off shotgun.
the hybrids are all headswaps with shepartons gangster henchmen,deep one heads, octopod cultist heads.
the robed cultists are my first ever experiment with procreate....did all 3 in 30 minutes...had no fricken idea what i was doing. started with 3 khurasan gangster henchmen and just applied a thin gray stuff robe over them. easy to sculpt when you have a face ,hands, and weapon, and armature to begin with.
 I am moderately satisfied with the results, realizing that I have no skill, experience, or knowledge in sculpting.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Threshold agents for Strange Aeons

Hello, more goodies for 15 mm Strange Aeons today. This time some good guys; some characters, agents, and 3rd world trainees/cannon fodder. In the rules i will use the trainees as civilian stats. All the minis are from Brigade games line of 15mm adventurers. I really like this line, hope they expand it. My only gripe is wargamers bad luck; the one figure I wanted(guy with Fez, broom handle mauser, and a freakin monkey on his shoulder) I did not get....If anyone has an extra?
1) first are two male agents Texas Pete, 45 pistol lucky hat and bullwhip, and some chap with a shotgun
2)next are two curvy women agents with bolt action rifles, one in safari gear and jodpurs
the other in what appears to be a zouave uniform, painted khaki
3)also two sabre wielding 3rd world trainees with fez/turban...these will use civilian stats
I like these figures, lots of just waiting on an order from Jon at Khurasan.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Cavemen for Strange Aeons

OK then, now I have 2 groups of Lurkers for Strange Aeons, in 15mm.
1) 6 zombies
2) 12 cavemen with melee weapons
 Just finished these 15 mm cavemen from Copplestone Castings(labelled as picts).
Wow, what fun to paint great sculpts with loads of character. Sorry for the picture quality, Just getting used to not using Picasa.
Next project, 6 Threshold agents from Brigade games; 2 men, 2 women; and 2 3rd world tainee agents(15mm adventurers) I was really bummed out that I got a duplicate and did not get the one figure I wanted...the fez wearing guy with the broom handle mauser and a monkey!!!
oh well here's the cavemen

Blue Moon Zombie Redux

Hello, just a follow up from last post; gave the blue moon zombies a wash with some
thinned Windsor and Newton Peat Ink, as per advice received on LAF from a helpful fellow, Vyper. I think they do look a lot better , less chalky....I also realize I will never be a great painter....I just do not have the patience or focus. I am used to hurriedly painting armies for gaming, and quite often forget to actually finish the figures, or get easily distracted with the next shiny.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

15mm zombies for Strange Aeons

Hello, just finished 6 zombies for the skirmish game Strange Aeons. Just picked up the rules the other day, and of course ordered a bunch of figs from khurasan,copplestone, and brigade. Will try to do this project in 15 mm; the first painted minis I have are some zombies from Blue Moon Manufacturing Co. I will probably paint a lot more for other zombie gaming, but I doubt I will need more than 6 for Strane Aeons.
 Hopefully I will be able to get some buildings from Blue Moon  from their sleepy hollow set. Strange Aeons is set in the 1920s to 1930s, and while OK with that, what I yearn to do is some modern version based on the XCOM UFO DEFENSE video game.
In fact it was Mr. Harolds teasing on the subject that got me interested in Strange Aeons in the first place.
 Well, here are the 6 zombies, I assume some type of cultists or agents will be next.
I guess my favorite would be the farmer zombie. while I feel like I did OK on the flesh, I may have gone overboard with the blood.Luckily I feel like these could be modern or 1920s zombies