Thursday, September 30, 2010

Vleta Reaver close ups

just a few close ups of the Blue Moon Manufacturing Vleta Reavers from their new Galactic War range of 15mm scifi minis.
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Vleta Reavers squad

Hello, just a few updated pics of my
squad of Vleta Reavers moving thru some rubble. These are my favorite figures from Blue Moon's new galactic war range, and were extremely easy and enjoyable to paint. Will post a few more pics in next post.
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

color test Vleta Reaver

just a quick color test for Vleta Reavers from Blue Moon, only 99 to go. wow, cant say enuff good stuff about these minis. Overall some of the choices in this range are too pulpy for me , but the Vleta Reavers are a big win. 10 unique poses per pack They feel like a cross between GW termagaunts, and a cyclops from an old Sinbad movie. Going with a light brown-too much green lately
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recipe for Vleta Reavers

hello, another boring post stating the colors I used in painting my Vleta Reavers from Blue moon.
WOW, I love these figures. Just did a test fig and only have 99 to go.
all colors  are decoart americana craft colors.
1-black gesso
2-dry/damp brush enttire mini with casmere beige
3-gun-true ochre
4-scales -rockwood red
5-straps-light cinnamon
6-wash fig with Windsor/Newton PEAT
7-dove grey on horns/teeth
8-eye-testors copenhagen blue mettalic

Saturday, September 11, 2010

15mm Llurgh swamp battlewagonAPC

Hello, just a fewpics of my new APC for my Khurasan Llurgh battlegroup. Hope to have 4 of these made soon. Very reminiscient of Ork battlewagons. armored sides and front; underslung support weapon? anti infantry or anti tank; drivers compartment; and my favorite- rear offloading ramps. It has a hurried metal drybrush, but I will make the tracks brown or black or rust.
made from an Indiana Jones rocket sled, 2 robogear tracks and several platformer pieces, knocked together in about 30 minutes
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Llurgh recipe

my finished Llurgh. now for my secret paint recipe(lest I forget- and I do, quite often)
almost all paints used are cheap craft paints-Decoart, americana acrylic.
1. black gesso
2. drybrush entire mini(avoid guns) with celery green green
4.rope-khaki tan-also cigar
5. scabbard/armband- honey brown
6.hooves-delta ceramcoat-dark olive
7.leaves on armband-deep periwinkle
8. gun/blade-reaper pro paint-steel plate
9. teeth/bone jewlery-dove grey
10. fire on cigar cadmium orange
11.eyes-true ochre
next is a sloppy wash of future black(actually a strange mixture of black drawing ink, future,water,acrylic flow aid, and reaper brush on primer- a real kitchen sink experiment)
after the wash go back and apply hilites where needed,almost drybrushing with original color
I know - alot of redundant steps and it usually changes from month to month----main reason I am writing this all down
---these guys would make good not-kroot for 40k in 15mm, but that is a dark place to which I shall never return.
just got 4 indiana jones rocket sleds to convert into primitive APC/hanomags
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Llurgh test shots

Hello, just some color test shots for my Llurgh horde. basic paint no wash/hilites-guess I'm having a green month.
any suggestions?
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Khurasan Space Demons

Hello, just a quick few pics of my small Khurasan Space Demon scouting force/ hunting party. These are the figures that got me to jump into 15mm. I must have looked at the website for over 6 months, admiring the animated creepy sculpts, before I finally placed an order.
This force is just 16 warriors and a queen, just about enough for a basic hulk crawl( especially if using blips). This was of course my easiest paintjob ever- black gesso, drybrushed with craft,americana=driftwood, then washed with a homemade future green/black brew(the green was from several old windsor and newton inks thrown together). sprayed with a clear acrylic satin and done!
The photos kind of suck, as I was in a hurry and did it without proper lighting/lightbox. Definitely enjoyed painting these and will have to get a proper horde ready if they become playable soon in the Gruntz skirmish system.
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Saturday, September 4, 2010

AE Bounty initial work

Just a few pics of some corridors I have been making for AE Bounty games in 15mm. This is one corridor, 20cm length,walls 30 mm height, useable width of corridor 45mm. I built out the shell with basswood, then cut up and glued pieces of plastic IMEX platformer,hexagon builder? terrain from my rather large bitzbox. I purposely left the corridor ends open, to either cap onto another corridor or room. Next step some rooms. I am planning small medium and large rooms, of I guess basic square and rectangular shapes.
You might not be able to see in the pics, but my mercenaries from Critical Mass Games have custom bases made from the same platformer plastic bits. My ultimate goal is to create one master of everything and cast a million copies( like I need another hobby).
I have done some casting years ago, and I suppose I will use the RTV mold, with legos as a support.I am leaning on using resin ,but I may try hydrocal light, although these walls may prove too thin for hydrocal.....any suggestions from the castiing community? I am planning on making 1 piece molds so the corridor/room will be complete when cast.
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