Saturday, September 11, 2010

Llurgh recipe

my finished Llurgh. now for my secret paint recipe(lest I forget- and I do, quite often)
almost all paints used are cheap craft paints-Decoart, americana acrylic.
1. black gesso
2. drybrush entire mini(avoid guns) with celery green green
4.rope-khaki tan-also cigar
5. scabbard/armband- honey brown
6.hooves-delta ceramcoat-dark olive
7.leaves on armband-deep periwinkle
8. gun/blade-reaper pro paint-steel plate
9. teeth/bone jewlery-dove grey
10. fire on cigar cadmium orange
11.eyes-true ochre
next is a sloppy wash of future black(actually a strange mixture of black drawing ink, future,water,acrylic flow aid, and reaper brush on primer- a real kitchen sink experiment)
after the wash go back and apply hilites where needed,almost drybrushing with original color
I know - alot of redundant steps and it usually changes from month to month----main reason I am writing this all down
---these guys would make good not-kroot for 40k in 15mm, but that is a dark place to which I shall never return.
just got 4 indiana jones rocket sleds to convert into primitive APC/hanomags
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