Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Khurasan Space Demons

Hello, just a quick few pics of my small Khurasan Space Demon scouting force/ hunting party. These are the figures that got me to jump into 15mm. I must have looked at the website for over 6 months, admiring the animated creepy sculpts, before I finally placed an order.
This force is just 16 warriors and a queen, just about enough for a basic hulk crawl( especially if using blips). This was of course my easiest paintjob ever- black gesso, drybrushed with craft,americana=driftwood, then washed with a homemade future green/black brew(the green was from several old windsor and newton inks thrown together). sprayed with a clear acrylic satin and done!
The photos kind of suck, as I was in a hurry and did it without proper lighting/lightbox. Definitely enjoyed painting these and will have to get a proper horde ready if they become playable soon in the Gruntz skirmish system.
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