Monday, December 20, 2010

size comparison 2

comparison of Squamata trooper and power armor infantry ssupport suit (khurasan)
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Squamata Imperialis battle force

Hello, just finished my first 34 Squamata Imperialis figures from Critical Mass Games. 62 more to go. Loved painting these guys-very simple easy paintjob.These figures will always star in my battles, as the sculptor is a genius, so much character and cartooniness and so any unique figures. To me ,they really capture the feel of the wacky 2nd edition 40K orks(which are my only fond memories of 40K).
I have used 6 Khurasan orca power armor suits to add to the battleforce( like district9 poower armor, or Ork killakans)
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squamata imperialis power armor

Still a WIP; just blocked in initial colors. wanted to show what a great fit these Khurasan orca power armor figs are for my
Squamata Imperialis force. If anyone ever reads this, I am open to suggestions on the black dome.
current options-
1)all bllack
2) all gold
3)same linen color as SI troopers' mask, with 2 black porthole "eyes"
4) black with white drawn teethand eyes.
bytheway, these power armor units stand about twice the height of my Squamata Imperialis troopers, giving a very good District 9 pwer armr feel about them.
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size comparison

Just a quick size comparison, mainly to show the Squamata Imperialis model from Critical Mass Games.
The squamata trooper is in a nice red jumpsuit, his companions are an Octopod from 15mmUK; a snake mercenary from Critical Mass Games; and an armored NSL trooper from GZG.
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

NSL WALKER camo test

first of 3 walkers for my mechanized infantry NSL force. walker is a 28mm model from Enigma games(oop). Scale figure is GZG NSL power armored trooper. My normal armored troops are grey fatigues with burgundy rose armor-matching the walker.
I think this makes a nice armored infantry support /scout mech.
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Saturday, November 6, 2010

squid horde

here is my squid horde; 180 octopods with attitude ready to defend their homeworld.
these are by 15mmuk. and were painted by my friend Jason-TMP/SAXON DOG.
I realize not much detail can be seen and will provide detail shots in a later post.
This was just to show off what an amazing site they are in mass.a very intimidating horde
to be sure. While I would not rate them as the best sculpting ever, they really do grow on you and look great painted up.
and the sheer joy of not having to paint 180 orange jumpsuits is a good feeling to relish. I'm sure saxon dog is still seeing orange when he closes his eyes.
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painted squad of ????

These are 20 soldiers( sorry forgot manufacturor) that a friend of mine painted for me. They are actually quite large for 15mm, actually standing about 20mm. The figures are very nice, made even better by the fantasticpaintjob by Jason- TMP/ SAXON DOG.I feellikkemy camerawork really does an injusticeto this paintjob. Only two poses , but they remind me a little of Battletech troopsfrom the game battletroops- it must be the guy wth the shoulder SRM. and their helmets are very beaky, which isgreat.
These 20 guys will see service as maybe a mercenary band of tall aliens.
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

walker for 15mm

just a quick peek at a walker I have had for many years.(I actually have 9 of them).
bought them many moons ago for use in wh40k( when one could not buy sentinels).
a little small for 28mm ,but I think it looks good next to old style NSLtrooper-GZG.
These are very heavy, and I believe the manufacturor was the now defunct Enigma out of canada.
some arre open cockpit(why) and most have the underslung gatling. a few have shoulder mounted hunter killer
missiles. very bulky, not a lot of crisp detail...but 9 walkers I dont have to buy.
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just aa revisit after a wash with windsor/newton calligraphy ink(mix of burntsienna and peat)
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xcom snakemen color test

hey, 5 Critical mass games snnake mercenaries painted as XCOM snakemen.
not really my choice of color, but I wanted to be true to the look of the video game.
I am thinking of using hex bug nano habitats for alien ship interiors.
As far as Xcom sectoids, I plan on using Khurasan new alien greys;
Chrysallids will probably be Khurasan plutonians. I still need to figure out for floaters and ethereals
and the normal xcom trooper(3 stages depending on jumpsuit/armor/power armor)
GZG for small drone tanks, Khurasan deathroids, and/or new scout disk for Cyberdisk
any suggestions for Mutons, and zombified xcom troopers/civilians
These guys were a rushed paintjob(no wash /hilites)
For rules, I was considering FUBAR FPS variant or maybe ae bounty, suggestions?
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Sunday, October 31, 2010

xcom snakemen

hello, just working on a new project( #532). will be using critical mass games, snake mercenaries to replicate the snakemen from X-COM.
want them o look like this
so, they will be brown, not my first choice, but wish to honor xcom.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Kermit the Llurgh

Finished my first squad of Khurasan's excellent Llurgh. I only took closeups of each individual pose, of which there are six, including the leader with sword raised and the tricranial mutant. These are excellent figs, sculpted by Whiffwaff(if I remember correctly), and a joy to paint. I had to go green on these guys and I feel they are a cross between Kermit the frog and the original Dungeons and Dragons TROLL. I only have 4 squads of these guys to paint up (small raiding party or mercenary band) complete with 4 Llurghwagon semi armored personnel carriers I crafted( see a prior blog post). Cant wait for the Khurasan control battalions.