Monday, July 23, 2012

Quar finished

72312 blog 002
Hello, just finished 31 quar from zombiesmith..coincidentally as they announced a load of new 15mm quar models.
these are pretty small , but were fun to paint.
72312 blog 00172312 blog 003
72312 blog 004
will definitely get more of these to paint up….trying to remember, but I think I chose to paint them based on WWII
Anzac uniforms.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

15mm orks with guns


just finished 12 orks with guns, a minor conversion from khurasan. orcs are from their fantasy range, front rank  orc spearmen...added some loose AKs from their modern range..just a quick paint job and some cell phone pics. just wanted to see if it was a viable alternative source for 15 mm orcs.... I am contemplating buying wastelanders from the scene uk and giving them heads from this range.
I dont see why the scene doesn't just sell a pack of conversion ork heads
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