Thursday, June 23, 2011

Robotic Support Weapon

This is my new squad attachment, heavily armored robotic support weapon. The weapon functions as either area effect
anti- personnell HE weapon, or anti armor rifle. I am thinking of using them for my Squamata Imperialis army,
as it already contains several repurposed Gundam designs. This figure is actually 1/550 scale gundam model.
I forgot the name( Gouf?). Purchased in a 1/550 scale model kit from hobby link japan for about 5$ american.
The kit came with 3 of these figures. it was a strange yellow VTOL model. I have 5 more like this. I envision its use as
a squad attached killer kan/dreadnought. Alien and human for scale comparison. I used red rather than the usual light purple
as my squamata are red and black.
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Monday, June 20, 2011

TMP 15mm mini exchange

 just started the signup for the 1st annual TMP scifi mini exchange.
signup will end in 2 weeks. we will be shipping to each other a small 5 man/alien
painted squad/mercenary team. Hoping this will be a lot of fun.Please feel free to
jump on the funwagon.
 all details should be in above link.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

a little slow of late

 things have been a little slow of late. Recently recovering from a hobby binge shopping spree which took several months. I am now officially out of money for trivial hobby pursuits.
Some of my highlighted purchases:
...21 pounds of lead from GZG, purchased the day before their hiatus
...a table full of CMG buildings painted for me by Matt Sabol of Sabol design studios
...2 complete painted 10 mm ancients armies(caesarian roman and gauls)
... several nice sized orders from Khurasan, Rebel minis, Combat Wombat
... a large sized force of rogue trader era GW orks
... a large bundle of starship interiors from creative gamescapes
on top of all this influx of hobby workspace became cluttered and clogged, granting me the equivalent status of hobby constipation. So now I have to dig out, reorganize, reprioritize my projects, if I ever want to make any progress again.
Recently switched back from cheap craft paints back to my Vallejo, Reaper, and Vallejo Game colors.
the coverage issues were just too frustrating to  continue to put up with.
  So now I have a few projects to focus on....first up a small sized force of 15mm some rebased mechwarrior infantry....and finally to make some progress on a set of skirmish rules stuck in my head....