Thursday, June 23, 2011

Robotic Support Weapon

This is my new squad attachment, heavily armored robotic support weapon. The weapon functions as either area effect
anti- personnell HE weapon, or anti armor rifle. I am thinking of using them for my Squamata Imperialis army,
as it already contains several repurposed Gundam designs. This figure is actually 1/550 scale gundam model.
I forgot the name( Gouf?). Purchased in a 1/550 scale model kit from hobby link japan for about 5$ american.
The kit came with 3 of these figures. it was a strange yellow VTOL model. I have 5 more like this. I envision its use as
a squad attached killer kan/dreadnought. Alien and human for scale comparison. I used red rather than the usual light purple
as my squamata are red and black.
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  1. Very nice, not a bad looking Gundam to use either, I usually don't like the to fancy ones, but this guys is pretty cool, it would suit the Squamata to.

  2. Great looking mini-mecha. Looks perfect for 15mm scale.