Saturday, December 3, 2011

28mm security types

howdy, i realize this is not 15mm ,but, just something i was playing around with.
A few 28 mm security types for 5150 NB/ or a henchman group for 28mm blasters and bulkheads or ITEN
very simple easy paintjob( I seem to have no patience for 28-32mm anymore) still have to stain the flesh a little.
I may invest in some clear acrilic bases for these guys
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essence weilder for blasters and bulkheads

hello, fellow 15 mm enthusiasts. I have not updated the blog in quite a while. My teenage son finally moved in to live with me, so real life
actually has crowded out many former activities. now that the dust has settled, just wanted to share my first character for Blasters and Bulkheads. I believe it is a Blue Moon betelgeusian with a minimalist conversion of a lightsabre. sorry no advanced OSL painting techniques here, just good old fashioned mettalic paint.( I guess at heart i am a disorganized toy painter, not an artist).
easy conversion, pin vise, add 25 guage medical hypo needle. Here we have the hero using force push to ensure no one else gets a turn driving the big tractor.
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Robotic Support Weapon

This is my new squad attachment, heavily armored robotic support weapon. The weapon functions as either area effect
anti- personnell HE weapon, or anti armor rifle. I am thinking of using them for my Squamata Imperialis army,
as it already contains several repurposed Gundam designs. This figure is actually 1/550 scale gundam model.
I forgot the name( Gouf?). Purchased in a 1/550 scale model kit from hobby link japan for about 5$ american.
The kit came with 3 of these figures. it was a strange yellow VTOL model. I have 5 more like this. I envision its use as
a squad attached killer kan/dreadnought. Alien and human for scale comparison. I used red rather than the usual light purple
as my squamata are red and black.
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Monday, June 20, 2011

TMP 15mm mini exchange

 just started the signup for the 1st annual TMP scifi mini exchange.
signup will end in 2 weeks. we will be shipping to each other a small 5 man/alien
painted squad/mercenary team. Hoping this will be a lot of fun.Please feel free to
jump on the funwagon.
 all details should be in above link.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

a little slow of late

 things have been a little slow of late. Recently recovering from a hobby binge shopping spree which took several months. I am now officially out of money for trivial hobby pursuits.
Some of my highlighted purchases:
...21 pounds of lead from GZG, purchased the day before their hiatus
...a table full of CMG buildings painted for me by Matt Sabol of Sabol design studios
...2 complete painted 10 mm ancients armies(caesarian roman and gauls)
... several nice sized orders from Khurasan, Rebel minis, Combat Wombat
... a large sized force of rogue trader era GW orks
... a large bundle of starship interiors from creative gamescapes
on top of all this influx of hobby workspace became cluttered and clogged, granting me the equivalent status of hobby constipation. So now I have to dig out, reorganize, reprioritize my projects, if I ever want to make any progress again.
Recently switched back from cheap craft paints back to my Vallejo, Reaper, and Vallejo Game colors.
the coverage issues were just too frustrating to  continue to put up with.
  So now I have a few projects to focus on....first up a small sized force of 15mm some rebased mechwarrior infantry....and finally to make some progress on a set of skirmish rules stuck in my head....

Saturday, May 14, 2011

rescue from the island of misfit toys

just rescued this horrible useless star wars CMG droid starfighter in walking mode.
It now has a new life as an armored grav bike / armored fast attack tank destroyer/ infantry fighting vehicle.
Only extra piece was an old GW flight stand. juat a little strategic cutting, a little boiling water and repositioning(might need a touch more) and a little gorilla super glue. The best part of this formerly useless model was the prepaint ,which made it worth saving.
now I believe I have 8 more to do. No idea yet which army will get these. I guess they could even serve in a blockhead/mechanoid/droid army, fittingly.
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Friday, May 13, 2011

cant decide locomotion

hello, i have 6 gundam 1/144 balls that i want to use as tanks. i really would rather they be walkers than grav. help me choose wich version. I have 6 droid starfighters in walking mode and 6 huge crab droids ,so no problem with resources.
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

janitor and his bots

hello, here we have a hapless kidnapping victim and the two bots he handily created to keep him company.
will probably use them as game objectives, i.e.- rescue the hostages on a deserted sattelite, guarded by computer controlled drones and droids.
i dont have to say they were really fun to paint, the perfect little project to relieve stress.
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Sunday, May 8, 2011


Hullo, the Crusties are done! 48 crusties by GZG, painted for me by my friend,Jason, (TMP. SAXONDOG).
He always does a great job painting 15s for me, but i am especially pleased with this lot. nice earthones
on the uniforms, subtle shading/hiliting, and wonderful green contrast skin, and best of all, my tired old eyes dont have to strain
to paint them. Jason is also a fast painter, legend has it that he is able to paint while sleeping, multi tasking at its best.
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Friday, May 6, 2011

more 15mm AE BOUNTY

Hello, just a few little mercs for AE Bounty, most are critical mass games, 2 are a mishmash of CMG and Khurasan
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a few headswaps

hello, just a few fun headswaps. using 2 packs of minis, a mercs pack from critical mass games (yrdgs?) and a pack of Khurasan little green martians from their planet 15 range. I have no idea what made me do this but I rather like the results. Now i have some unique aliens for possibly AE Bounty. The taller model would make a good Logician from that game(huge cranium/psychic powers). the smaller stature aliens are pretty cute and the unfinished one at the top made me think of 15mm Grymn.
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Monday, May 2, 2011

15mm Berserker Assassin Droid

just finished a character droid, for 15mm, an assassin droid. very cute sculpt. not sure if i'm supposed to say where it came from,
so lets just say it was created with spare parts from an orbiting research facility.
sorry about the pic quality, camera is noncooperative.
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Squamata Imperialis Heavy Support

here we have the heavy support arm to my Squamata Imperialis army.
In the top picture for size comparison are; a super heavy walker; 2 heavy walkers; a dreadnought; and a lowly infantryman
In the 2nd pic are my 6 heavy walkers lined up with an infantryman
In the 3rd pic are my 3 super heavy walkers next to an infantryman
and the 4rth pic shows detail of an infantryman and a squad attached dreadnought.
the super heavy walkers are not finished detailing, but you get the idea where this army is going.
it will consist of 6 squads of 14 infantry; 6 dreadnoughts; 6 heavy walkers(equal to medium/heavy tanks);
3 super heavy walkers( equal to super heavy tanks); and 6 combat wombat bullfrog landers for the infantry(still waiting on those)
my plan is that the bullfrog landers will each carry 14 infantry and 1 dreadnought to the hotzone
and the heavy and super heavy walkers can also fly into the hotzone( at least they could on gundam)
so all I need are my bullfrog landers and some fighting piranha decals and I am set.
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

octopod apc comparison

hello, as asked for on tmp;
an infantry to apc size comparison for the "scarab" apc.
far left are 2 squamata imperialis ammo carriers from Critical mass games
next an alien merc from Ground zero games
a felid trooper from Khurasan miniatures
and an alien merc from critical mass games
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