Monday, March 7, 2011

Squamata Imperialis Heavy Support

here we have the heavy support arm to my Squamata Imperialis army.
In the top picture for size comparison are; a super heavy walker; 2 heavy walkers; a dreadnought; and a lowly infantryman
In the 2nd pic are my 6 heavy walkers lined up with an infantryman
In the 3rd pic are my 3 super heavy walkers next to an infantryman
and the 4rth pic shows detail of an infantryman and a squad attached dreadnought.
the super heavy walkers are not finished detailing, but you get the idea where this army is going.
it will consist of 6 squads of 14 infantry; 6 dreadnoughts; 6 heavy walkers(equal to medium/heavy tanks);
3 super heavy walkers( equal to super heavy tanks); and 6 combat wombat bullfrog landers for the infantry(still waiting on those)
my plan is that the bullfrog landers will each carry 14 infantry and 1 dreadnought to the hotzone
and the heavy and super heavy walkers can also fly into the hotzone( at least they could on gundam)
so all I need are my bullfrog landers and some fighting piranha decals and I am set.
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  1. Very nice Stephen, I really like the 6 heavy walkers, where are they from? I'm not sure the Gundam type walkers fit with the whole theme though, most of the other kit has the large round head linking them, but all in all pretty good, those power armour figs look good to, I have wondered about using them as power armour for other races rather then as the Orca type Aliens they are supposed to be, they seem OK for that purpose.

  2. hi Dan, actually all the walkers are gundam, just in different scales. i definitely like the smaller ones better but needed a huge super heavy tank