Friday, May 13, 2011

cant decide locomotion

hello, i have 6 gundam 1/144 balls that i want to use as tanks. i really would rather they be walkers than grav. help me choose wich version. I have 6 droid starfighters in walking mode and 6 huge crab droids ,so no problem with resources.
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  1. Go with the starfighter legs, and send me the crab legs.

    No, seriously, the crab legs look much better. They look much more capable of supporting the body and absorbing the recoil of that cannon.

  2. Crab legs, for sure, in my opinion. They look much more in scale with the rest of the ball. The starfighter legs look too thin/spindly in comparison. Nice mod, by the way!

  3. Thats an awesome concept Stephen, go with the crab legs, can't wait to see them finished.

  4. Crab Legs...definitely. The extra bulk makes them look like they could support the weight better.