Thursday, July 12, 2012

15mm orks with guns


just finished 12 orks with guns, a minor conversion from khurasan. orcs are from their fantasy range, front rank  orc spearmen...added some loose AKs from their modern range..just a quick paint job and some cell phone pics. just wanted to see if it was a viable alternative source for 15 mm orcs.... I am contemplating buying wastelanders from the scene uk and giving them heads from this range.
I dont see why the scene doesn't just sell a pack of conversion ork heads
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  1. Not bad, pretty smooth conversion.

  2. Hi consider your idea stolen!!!! I am a big Orc fan, if you did not know all ready, and will be working on this very same conversion in the future. I am also going to head line youe blog post in my Noel's Log this coming week.


  3. They look great. Very old school Space Ork.

  4. No problem, Noel.steal away. Always inspired by your love of all things ork.

  5. @dan, love your space marine work....
    I would love to be able to sculpt some 2nd edition orks in 15.
    Next is more conversions in near future unarmored, desert orks

  6. Holy smokes... just randomly found this post. Those are pretty cool... have you ever seen a Ralph Bakshi post-apocalyptic SF/fantasy film from the 70's called "Wizards"? These totally remind me of it.