Sunday, June 24, 2012

various new models for Strange Aeons

Hello, back with a few new models for 15mm Strange Aeons, all by Khurasan.
first pic has two octopod/hybrids
second pic has 3 fishmen/ hybrids
third pic has 3 robed cultists
and the fourth pic has a werewolf and a rather well dressed agent with sawed off shotgun.
the hybrids are all headswaps with shepartons gangster henchmen,deep one heads, octopod cultist heads.
the robed cultists are my first ever experiment with procreate....did all 3 in 30 minutes...had no fricken idea what i was doing. started with 3 khurasan gangster henchmen and just applied a thin gray stuff robe over them. easy to sculpt when you have a face ,hands, and weapon, and armature to begin with.
 I am moderately satisfied with the results, realizing that I have no skill, experience, or knowledge in sculpting.


  1. Really sweet job on the conversions! Head swaps and pushing putty come 2ND nature to you, Sir.

  2. LOL. Some clever mix and match with Khurasan's great Eldritch figures here. The Innsmouth residents are probably my favorites.