Saturday, June 9, 2012

Threshold agents for Strange Aeons

Hello, more goodies for 15 mm Strange Aeons today. This time some good guys; some characters, agents, and 3rd world trainees/cannon fodder. In the rules i will use the trainees as civilian stats. All the minis are from Brigade games line of 15mm adventurers. I really like this line, hope they expand it. My only gripe is wargamers bad luck; the one figure I wanted(guy with Fez, broom handle mauser, and a freakin monkey on his shoulder) I did not get....If anyone has an extra?
1) first are two male agents Texas Pete, 45 pistol lucky hat and bullwhip, and some chap with a shotgun
2)next are two curvy women agents with bolt action rifles, one in safari gear and jodpurs
the other in what appears to be a zouave uniform, painted khaki
3)also two sabre wielding 3rd world trainees with fez/turban...these will use civilian stats
I like these figures, lots of just waiting on an order from Jon at Khurasan.

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