Saturday, September 11, 2010

15mm Llurgh swamp battlewagonAPC

Hello, just a fewpics of my new APC for my Khurasan Llurgh battlegroup. Hope to have 4 of these made soon. Very reminiscient of Ork battlewagons. armored sides and front; underslung support weapon? anti infantry or anti tank; drivers compartment; and my favorite- rear offloading ramps. It has a hurried metal drybrush, but I will make the tracks brown or black or rust.
made from an Indiana Jones rocket sled, 2 robogear tracks and several platformer pieces, knocked together in about 30 minutes
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  1. That looks very cool. I agree, very Orky. Just the kind of thing I need for my Shia Khan. Thanks for showing this.

  2. Nicely done!. I think it captures the junkyard assembly concept that Jon evisioned with these minis.