Tuesday, August 17, 2010

recipe for alien mercs gzg

Hello, this post is really for myself. I like to post painting recipes for my projects, as I may come back to a project six months later and struggle to remember either the paints I used or the method I used.
GZG alien mercs.
1. painted on grey gesso-liquitex thinned with a little water and flow aid mixture.
2.washed figure with sennelier walnut lacquer based calligraphy ink to bring out details
3.skin= craftpaint americana FAWN; wash with future peatbrown mix;drybrush with FAWN
I always do the skin first, because i rely on ink and drybrush and if you get the skin right everything else follows. The two most important things are color choice and the skin. If you get those right you are well on your way. I usually agonize over the color choice for quite a while. It helps to look at a lot of other miniature artists work, and see what worked for them. Lately I enjoy looking at Spacejacker's work, as well as anything by battleworks studio, artwho, steve dean.
Its a lot different painting 15s and I still dont believe I have the right balance. I think I still try to paint as if I am doing 28s-which means a lot of extra steps that may not be worth it.
after the skin is done, I block in all the colors. do another wash with the future peat brown(careful near the skin), and then another layer of the original blocked in colors, leaving edges of  peat. when done with this I will go back and do  hilites- this is the area I need to work on for 15s-I think I need to exaggerate them more than I did for 28s.
4.boots= lamp ebony black-craft, highlites-graphite-craft
5. pants and headgear= graphite-craft, hilites a mix of graphite and hippo grey-craft delta
6. webbing= burgundy rose-craft delta, hilites same
7.gun=black, then shadowed steel-reaper master series
8. armor plates and gun bits= hippo grey- craft delta
9. insignia = final step; 3 colors used all are FW acrylic artists inks; opaque white;black; process magenta
just a thin black line on borders of white

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