Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ae bounty first game

Had my first game of AE bounty today. Enjoyed the rules and the experience immensely. There is so much tactical depth to the game , it is hard not to love it. I guess I like most games where half the fun is in the creation and crafting of a force. I played with Saxon Dog from TMP, and he had a pretty balanced mercenary crew, led by a logician with a light rapid fire psychic gun. Unfortunately for him my force was an evil pirate band composed entirely of pyschic Logicians. I had two squads of lookouts and 1 squad of space dogs, all of which benefitted from hidden deployment. My entire  force had  the mentalist ability to lower the drive or morale of the enemy, followed up by psychic guns which shredded his drive/morale further until the mercenariies' brains exploded out of their ears. It was a gimmick army, and I'm sure next time he will be sporting quite a few psychic nullifiers as gear choices. It was a great learning game, which seemed to flow and make perfect sense  in the area of small unit morale. I think the designers hit a homerun with this one. The only downside was that we played in 28mm, and now I'm itching to finish some 15mm bounty hunters and terrain.
Before you actually play your first game of AE Bounty, you concentrate on race choices, weapon choices, and gear choices in an attempt to maximize your firepower.
After your first game of AE Bounty, you begin to concentrate on the drive or morale of your crew and how to bolster and repair your morale throughout the game.
Very elegant and very fun. A fair amount of record keeping concerning temporary and permaneent drive modifiers to individuals and squads, but if you are prepared for it , the end result is a fun tactical experience
ending with rapid crescendos of doom or victory depending on the dice and your morale.


  1. Excellent, I've been hoping to play this myself. Anxious to hear how it goes for you in 15mm.

  2. yeah, its a cool game-jst need to paint, make terain, and add a little overwatch to the rules

  3. I've seen where others have commented about the game needing overwatch.