Monday, August 23, 2010

15mm combat drone walkers

Hello, just a quick unit painted up, 1 package of combat drone walkers from Critical Mass Games, can be found under their mercenary range. Very nice sculpting and detail. the Khurasan felid is their for scale purposes. These will have many uses....In AE Bounty, a hero trait is "Robotocist" ,whereby the hero controls 2 robot drones with fire capability. Also they will serve in my future droid army which will include Blockhead battle suits from Critical Mass Games, as well as Mechanoid troops and ships from Khurasan. I may even use them as proxies for GZG spider droids in the game Gruntz until I can order some.(may have to wait I also envision them patrolling some scifi base or starport as security drones.
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  1. Those look very nice. The green lights on the backs look like glass. How'd you manage that?

  2. actually it is an old green metallic paint by citadel...could also add vallejo metallic medium to any color