Thursday, August 19, 2010

recipe for Felids-Khurasan

once again, another recipe entry that may only be of use to me. This time for the first squad of Felids by Khurasan miniatures. During my first big purchase from Khurasan, He threw in some freebies into the box.
One was an ogre beetle, the other being a squad of Felids, a light circle. I really like these miniatures ,and the fluff surrounding them, and when I saw them statted out for the beta game Gruntz, I placed another big order.
This time around I decided on a quicker, sloppier painting method- one that would allow me to quickly finish a sizeable fighting force. I finished my squad of ten cats in about 3 days of sporadic painting, and am just waiting on basing and then photography.
1) cleaning and basing-didnot take too long, a little flash between the legs, a little filing for a slight miscast
and glued to 20mm radius steel washers.
2)did not have access to my gesso, so primed with a mixture of reaper master series primer75% and black caligraphy ink 25%  holbein drawing ink
3) a quick messy dry/damp brush of americana craft-lt. avocado
4) a sloppy wash with my own mixture of ink(various old windsor/newton inks added together- a couple of greens and other colors and some black=end result a big bottle ofdark,dark green ink)- let dry
5)light drybrush of americana craft-celery green. armor done.
6)head/hands/feet- accent country colors-craft- wicker
7)future wash(mix of black and nut brown windsor/newton) for head hands feet. done
8)weapon-americana craft- graphite;hilite delta ceramcoat-hippo grey; barrel-reaper master series- shadowed steel
9) webbing and pack- delta ceramcoat- hippo grey; hilite  with a 50/50 mix vallejo game color cold grey and
soft white(craft  accent)
was going to go back and hilite head (with wicker)-black for nose, soft white under eye slits for a more LION look, but I think I will stop
they look pretty good for minimal effort and all that time to try to make them look lionlike can be done later if i choose.
as is I am pretty happy for the very minimal effort, and they do look feline , or lupine from a different planet.
and I am glad not to have taken the bait and tried to make them Tony the Tigers, as in the stock photo.
pictures later

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