Tuesday, November 2, 2010

xcom snakemen color test

hey, 5 Critical mass games snnake mercenaries painted as XCOM snakemen.
not really my choice of color, but I wanted to be true to the look of the video game.
I am thinking of using hex bug nano habitats for alien ship interiors.
As far as Xcom sectoids, I plan on using Khurasan new alien greys;
Chrysallids will probably be Khurasan plutonians. I still need to figure out for floaters and ethereals
and the normal xcom trooper(3 stages depending on jumpsuit/armor/power armor)
GZG for small drone tanks, Khurasan deathroids, and/or new scout disk for Cyberdisk
any suggestions for Mutons, and zombified xcom troopers/civilians
These guys were a rushed paintjob(no wash /hilites)
For rules, I was considering FUBAR FPS variant or maybe ae bounty, suggestions?
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