Saturday, November 6, 2010

painted squad of ????

These are 20 soldiers( sorry forgot manufacturor) that a friend of mine painted for me. They are actually quite large for 15mm, actually standing about 20mm. The figures are very nice, made even better by the fantasticpaintjob by Jason- TMP/ SAXON DOG.I feellikkemy camerawork really does an injusticeto this paintjob. Only two poses , but they remind me a little of Battletech troopsfrom the game battletroops- it must be the guy wth the shoulder SRM. and their helmets are very beaky, which isgreat.
These 20 guys will see service as maybe a mercenary band of tall aliens.
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  1. Those are. very nice. I like the color scheme

  2. Those are from the Heavy Gear game by Dream Pod 9. They are the older 15mm scale (the game is now in 12mm) and are made by Rafm.