Monday, July 19, 2010

Painting my first squad

hello, this is my first attempt at painting scifi 15mm. first up is a squad of 10 mercantile bond soldiers from Blue Moon. I have affixed them to washers and coated with liquitex black gesso, followed by a drybrush of my starting color- a light green. I really like these figures; the sculpting is very nice for 15s. Lots of character, and lots of different choices in this range( which I never knew existed-I just happened to get these in a nice trade with battleworks studios).
This may not be such a helpful post, but I wanted others to see these cool sculpts up close before I besmirch them with paint. I see a lot of potential in this range and they are going to be a pleasure to paint. My only complaint so far, is with the huge dome base for this squad in particular. It really looks like they are running on a big excercise ball. I also wish I knew a little bit about the rules, fluff and background before I paint. For all I know what I am painting as a hard helmet could be a canvas environmental mask. All in all its a good squad to cut my teeth on, its only ten guys nd no more to paint(so far).

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