Monday, July 19, 2010

Back to my Roots

Hello all, just starting this little blog in an attempt to chronicle my efforts in painting 15mm
science fiction models and figures. I have been painting some sort of miniatures since I was about 10 years old, but time invested does not always equal greatness in the abscence of talent. Hopefully perserverence is enough to make up for lack of artistic qualities.
I firmly believe that anyone can paint a good looking miniature ; if they are willing to invest the time.
It has been roughly 16 years since I panted minis in this scale, and many of my tricks and methods will have to be thrown out the window. I realize I am a little late to the scifi 15mm party, having resisted for the last year, and prior to that having been heavily invested in 28mm ancients.
I could no longer ignore the explosion of talent and creativity in this area of miniatures, and the excitement I felt in viewing each new release from companies such as Khurasan miniatures; critical mass games; rebel minis ; and the scene 15mmuk.(I'm sure I will learn of others as well).
So, in an effort to support all these companies I have placed several large orders and will start painting. As I post painted examples, I hope to get constructive criticism, as I know my efforts will be sub par to start. The first painting experiment will be a squad of Blue Moon mecantile bond soldiers that I got in a trade. My problem is I know nothing about these figs- no painted examples-no fluff- no pictures in a glossy rules book; but that may be for the best.
Next clean up/basing/gesso.

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