Saturday, March 3, 2012

gashopon size comparison

Hello, just a quick pic to clarify size differences between gundam gashopon for Robin ,of Gruntz fame.
In the backrank is a 1/144 zaku poseable
2nd rank are 5 1/300 Zaku snipers fixed positon
3rd rank are several different poses Zaku 1/400 gashopon, mounted on GW upside down 40 mm diam. bases
front rank are 3 15 mm figures, blurred of course
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  1. Too bad the Gashopon are so difficult to collect. I bought several boxes a bit back and couldn't collect enough to make even two forces.


  2. What were you looking for,Eli?
    I may have some to trade

  3. I sold all mine off. Sorry.