Sunday, February 23, 2014

It's robots!

Hello, first post in over a year....had to give up my hobby room for my grandson's nursery....but now I am back.unloaded everything from storage and began painting. Decided to start on some projects for skirmish gaming, going to concentrate on post apocalyptic theme, using the great free rules wasteland 3.0 from dicehead. Just finished a 10 man warband of wasteland explorers, an 18 man band of cannibal savages, and a 23 unit group of aotomated robot warriors.
 First off, will be the robot war band.....currently not listed as an option in wastelands 3.0, but luckily I still have an early print version of the 2.0,still a viable option. I can also use these as robot squad assets in grunts for my EHTC force. The figures are from critical mass games, blockhead battle,easy paint ups,inspired by Elysium homeland security robots.

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  1. Welcome back! Great robots from CMG, so a good re-start.....more please!