Friday, February 25, 2011

Octopod APC's

here we have 3 primed APC's for my Octopod soldiers from 15mmUK. I have another 3 waiting on their legs in the mail.
very simple conversion...each apc consists of 1 starwars cmg viper droid body, and 1 set of legs from a robogear spider walker.
I think I got 6 of the vipers from troll and toad a while back for very cheap(maybe 1-2 $ each), and I have had the robogear kits for a long time. just had to buy 3 more at 8$ each.
The main thing that made me use these for the octopods was the simple fact that the vehicle has tentacles hanging from it's
"face". It is a large imposing APC for 15mm, but I envision it hauling an oversized squad of 20 octos, or 12 and some type of support.
legs will be steel...tentacles steelbody-olive drab with an as yet undetermined camo pattern.
oh and pay no attention to that large Zaku skulking in the background....another project
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