Monday, December 20, 2010

squamata imperialis power armor

Still a WIP; just blocked in initial colors. wanted to show what a great fit these Khurasan orca power armor figs are for my
Squamata Imperialis force. If anyone ever reads this, I am open to suggestions on the black dome.
current options-
1)all bllack
2) all gold
3)same linen color as SI troopers' mask, with 2 black porthole "eyes"
4) black with white drawn teethand eyes.
bytheway, these power armor units stand about twice the height of my Squamata Imperialis troopers, giving a very good District 9 pwer armr feel about them.
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  1. Black with white drawn teeth and eyes could look quite striking.

  2. thanks kobold,that would look good,hope i am up to it,

  3. Skullz too! Or pink bunny faces.